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Summer on Kangaroo Island

There is a real buzz about the island during the summer. Obviously, the team at Kangaroo Island Trails will be busy looking after the influx of tourists looking to tour Kangaroo Island's famous scenery, wildlife and produce. Summer is a busy time for most of us on Kangaroo Island. No more so than in the fields and out on the coast.

Harvesters ply the fields reaping cereals and canola. Huge centre pivots water seedling potatoes in the warm ground. Lines of sheep follow feed carts through the paddocks. Fragrant fresh figs are found at the Farmers' Market. Eucalyptus oil is distilled from harvested leaves of narrow-leaf Mallee trees. Freshly pressed, new season, olive oil appears on shelves and at markets. Marron farmers pluck the plump crustaceans from dams for the perfect summer meal. Native fruits ripen and add a distinctive KI flavour to chutneys and jams.

The island's Mediterranean climate, with warm dry summers and cool wet winters, is ideal for crops and livestock. Its southern latitude and moderating ocean currents make for a temperate frost-free climate where flavour and character can develop in their own good time. We believe there is no better produce in Australia – which is why we are passionate about it. It is also why we enjoy taking people on our tours.

You can discover so much of the island's amazing food and drink on a Kangaroo Island Trails tour. Our carefully designed itineraries take in the very best the of the summer season. On all our tours, you will discover the best the island offers. However, if you have a passion for food and want the ultimate KI experience then try our Gourmet Food and Wine tour. As well as visiting the finest food and wine cellar doors and farm doors, we take our guests for lunch at the renowned Enchanted Fig Tree; home of chefs Hannaford & Sachs. Our guests dine beneath the boughs of an ancient fig; its gnarled branches have touched the ground to grow again, forming rooms with ceilings of swaying leaves and dappled light. A unique dining experience but also a culinary banquet of exquisitely cooked local produce.

Kangaroo Island is a year-round destination and there are great reasons to visit any time of year. But if you want to see the island at its most vibrant then come in the summer months. We look forward to seeing you.

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