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Now offering Travel Insurance, 20% discount

Kangaroo Island Trails is now offering Travel Insurance to all travellers with a 20% discount

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for any person considering travel. There are many different companies out there offering travel insurance but we suggest, do your homework and look at what you are covered for, sometimes the cheapest policy isn't always the best policy. Anything can happen while you are away on holidays, from someone in the family getting sick or injuring themselves and needing medical attention, to tours being cancelled at the last minute due to severe weather conditions, to luggage being lost or damaged along the way. Whatever the case, travel insurance is one of those necessities that really needs to be budgeted into your holiday plans.

A comprehensive policy is always recommended as you will be covered for things such as Cancellation Fees, Emergency Travel Arrangements, Medical and Hospitalization, Personal Liability, Rental Car Excess, Luggage and Personal Effects and a lot more. This sort of coverage gives peace of mind.

Make sure that if something does happen, that you contact your travel insurance provider as soon as possible and keep receipts. Travel Insurance is something that a lot of people often dismiss, as they think they won't need it, and hopefully they won't need to make a claim but for the extra small amount of money compared to your holiday, it is certainly worth it.

I'll never forget, one day a number of years ago, a client of mine was travelling from the US to Australia for a 3 week holiday which we had organised including flights, accommodation and tours. We recommended that she take travel insurance but she declined and signed the form to say that it was offered but she had decided not to take it. She flew first class and on her way over on the plane, she had seafood and fell violently ill, by the time she landed in Sydney, she had to be taken to hospital where she stayed for a few days until she was well enough to fly back home. It cost her thousands of dollars. This was a huge lesson for her as she later contacted us and said she regretted not purchasing it, she also said she'll never travel without travel insurance again.

I have travelled many times and always buy travel insurance, yet I have not once had to use it, is it a waste of money? Definately not, I have the peace of mind that if something does happen, I'm covered.

The travel insurance we are offering is one that we have used for many years. We also know how expensive it can be so we're offering a 20% discount for all travellers. QBE offers a variety of policies including an Inbound Policy for Non Australian Residents travelling to Australia. Have a look, if you decided to purchase, you can do so online, or if you have any questions, feel free to email us and we'll do our best to answer them for you.

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