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Spring on Kangaroo Island

Spring (September to November) is a wonderful time to explore Kangaroo Island with the first taste of spring really starting in August. The staff at Kangaroo Island Trails is excited at this time of year as you’ll see animals coming out and plants sprouting with the warmer weather. Average spring temperatures are 19°C (66°F) maximum and 11°C(52°F) minimum. To experience Kangaroo Island’s renowned wildlife at its best might take a little patience, planning and some local knowledge. Animals can be found all year round but most come out to feed and play at night. In spring, Kangaroo and Tammar Wallaby joeys (young) are exploring the world outside their mother’s pouch, only returning to feed. Echidnas also have young and Pygmy Possums are waking up from their winter torpor. The smallest is the Little Pygmy Possum at just 10 grams. Keep…

Summer on Kangaroo Island

There is a real buzz about the island during the summer. Obviously, the team at Kangaroo Island Trails will be busy looking after the influx of tourists looking to tour Kangaroo Island’s famous scenery, wildlife and produce. Summer is a busy time for most of us on Kangaroo Island. No more so than in the…


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Kangaroo Island Trails is now offering Travel Insurance to all travellers with a 20% discount.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for any person considering travel. There are many different companies out there offering travel insurance but we suggest, do your homework and look at what you are covered for, sometimes the cheapest policy isn’t always the best policy. Anything can happen while you are away on holidays, from someone in…

Flinders Chase Road Closure

Due to the Kangaroo Island Marathon on Saturday 26th August 2017, no Kangaroo Island Scenic Trail Tours will be running.