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Tours Kangaroo Island


Why not get away for a few hours with a Kangaroo Island day tour?

Perhaps you are feeling stressed from a busy work schedule or maybe you want to get the feel of a luxury vacation without the cost of international travel. Either way, Kangaroo Island Trails can help you plan the ultimate day trip extravaganza. Our one-day tours of Kangaroo Island are a fun way to explore a beautiful place and enjoy a much-needed chance to unwind.


What Sets Kangaroo Island Trails Apart Regarding Day Trip Adventures


If you’re planning a day trip, you might be weighing the prospect of visiting Kangaroo Island with several other potential trip itineraries. Here are a few things that set Kangaroo Island Trails apart from other day trip travel companies:


  • We offer several variations of our tour: What do you want to get out of your one-day tour? Do you want a scenic tour of the island and its many stunning beaches, views and natural wonders? Or would you prefer to explore Kangaroo Island’s delicious food and drink spots? Either way, we have the right day tour package for you.

  • We help you explore Kangaroo Island’s most beautiful exports: Kangaroo Island may be small, but it has a big reputation throughout Australia for producing some of the country’s best food and drink. Enjoy incredible restaurants, taste unrivalled wines, ciders and ales, or taste some of the finest organic honey on the planet.

  • You’ll feel like you’re far from home: One of the best things about Kangaroo Island is that it feels like an exotic, far-flung vacation destination—even if it isn’t. Things such as the incredible beaches and unbelievable nature sights make the island seem less close to home than it is.


Simply put, when you contact Kangaroo Island Trails, you can expect a thoroughly unique and life-affirming trip. The fact that you can do it all in a day is just the cherry on top!


Plan the Ultimate Day Trip Getaway with a Kangaroo Island Day Tour

 Kangaroo Island  Food & Wine Tour

Our day tour lets you discover for yourself why Kangaroo Island is renowned for its amazing fresh produce.  This tour introduces you to the island's wines, ciders and spirits as well as dairy products, honey and more.  A food lovers adventure!

Adults $275
Children (3 - 14) $140

(includes tastings)

Gourmet Food & Wine Tour with Lunch

Featuring a gourmet lunch prepared by renowned chefs Hannaford & Sachs worth over $100. Our ultimate gourmet day tour takes you to some the Island's best producers. Drink in the views and enjoy fine drinks and delicious food.

Adults $345
Children (3 - 14) $210

(includes gourmet lunch and tastings)

Scenic Kangaroo Island Tour

If you want to see the all the best attractions on Kangaroo Island, then our scenic day tour is for you.  We take you to Seal Bay, Pennington Bay, Remarkable Rocks, Hanson Bay and much more. Get up close to the wildlife and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Adults $285
Children (3 - 14) $225

(includes all entrance fees)

The Importance of Getting Away for the Occasional Day Trip


There can be so many reasons to plan a brief getaway to Kangaroo Island. Our day tour options make it easy to plan those trips in a guilt-free fashion, in part because they are so affordable. Here are three reasons to treat yourself to a Kangaroo Island day tour:


  • Vacations help you to de-stress: Even a short getaway offers a break from the mundanity of routine and the stress of your everyday life. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed at work or home, start planning your Kangaroo Island trip today.

  • Trips like this one are great for families: Family vacations are tough to plan. Between finding a time that works for everyone and financing a big trip for 4-6 people, it’s not easy to pull off a good bonding trip for the whole family. Kangaroo Island Trails is the exception. Our tours are easy to plan because they are relatively brief, and their affordability makes them more accessible for families.

  • It’s good to admire the beauty of the world: From native wildlife to impressive flora and fauna to scenic beach views, Kangaroo Island is an embarrassment of riches as far as stunning sights go. It’s good to take time to appreciate the beauty of the world occasionally, and this island is the perfect place to do it.

Are you interested in planning a day trip to Kangaroo Island? At Kangaroo Island Trails, we’d love the chance to help you plot the perfect adventure. Contact us today to get started.